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Our flagship item, this multi-port jacket is inspired by the first RonWear jacket made back in 2004 to help our founder’s brother stay warm during his dialysis treatments. The perfect blend of premium style and functional comfort, the Classic Ron Jacket is designed to help you look and feel your best in and out of treatment.


  • Four zippered port openings that provide the flexibility to change port access points as needed without buying new clothes
    • Openings are located on both arms and both sides of the chest
    • Hidden-zipper design creates sleek, stylish look
  • Integrated media pocket for digital devices helps you pass the time while wearing your jacket during treatments or your favorite recreational activities
  • Zip-up design makes RonWear jackets easier to put on than pullovers—especially for seniors and people with disabilities
  • Fashionable contrasting stitching
  • Standard sizes include Small to 2XL sizes for women and Medium to 2XL for men


All RonWear Port-able Clothing Includes:

  • Premium treatmentwear for men and women with ports
  • 100% Brushed Cotton French Terry fabric
  • Antimicrobial finish helps prevent odors and inhibits the spread of bacteria
  • Fluid-repellant finish causes blood and other fluids to bead up for quick and easy cleaning
  • Dual-tab zippers allow you to open or close port openings exactly where needed to minimize body exposure and protect your dignity
  • Jackets and pants complement your existing wardrobe or can be used together to create complete, stylish outfits

Men's Classic Ron Jacket

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