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Stylish Apparel with Zippered Openings for Ports 
Keeping CHEMOTHERAPY, DIALYSIS & INFUSION Patients Warm, Modest & Comfortable
in Cold Treatment Rooms

Warmth, Dignity, Ease: Normalcy.

RonWear is the answer!

Hidden Arm, Chest, and Groin Ports on Both Sides


Water Repellent

Stylish & Functional Design

Convenient Media Pocket

Are you cold, immodest, and uncomfortable during treatment? 
RonWear pants
RonWear in use
Zippered port access in each arm and each side of the chest keep you modest and accessible at all times!
Dual-tab (2 way) zipper pulls allow access where you need it, keeping the rest of the body warm.
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Robin Roberts: A RonWear Hero

Front Cover

"It's the perfect gift!"
Robin Roberts, host of Good Morning America wearing RonWear Port-able Clothing during treatment.
From her memoir 'Everybody's Got Something'. 

Back Cover

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