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The RonWear Story

How It All Got Started

Click here for the video of how we got started:  Yahoo Finance 11/2012

In 2004, Deb Papes-Stanzak found herself caring for four family members who were receiving various kinds of infusion and dialysis treatments at the same time. On more than one occasion, her brother, Ron, told Deb that he was tired of how cold he got during dialysis because of the short-sleeve shirts he wore to accommodate his port. He had to use layers of blankets to stay warm—which was a hassle—and sometimes, a perfectly good shirt would be ruined because something accidentally spilled on it. Also, like many people, he felt that the gowns he had to use from time to time in hospital settings were unflattering and embarrassing to wear. Wearing these gowns also ensured that he would feel cold during his treatments, as well as reminded him that he was ill. 

As luck would have it, Deb is a seamstress who has worked in the fashion industry, so she focused her 35 years of experience on helping her brother. She sewed a zippered, fleece jacket for him, and RonWear was born. The warmth, comfort, and convenience of this new jacket instantly improved Ron’s dialysis experience. He wasn’t cold during treatments anymore, and most important, he didn’t have to worry about messing around with short-sleeve shirts or hospital gowns. As other patients at the treatment center began noticing what Ron was wearing, they asked if they could get zippered jackets too.

Simultaneously, Deb's husband was receiving chemotherapy, her mother receiving transfusions for congestive heart failure, and her in-laws infusion therapy. The universal need was warmth, dignity, and easy access, which was another key factor in developing RonWear. 

Today, RonWear continues to set the bar for stylish and functional premium treatmentwear for men and women alike. And the warmth, dignity, and ease that Deb gave her brother with that first jacket are enjoyed by people with ports every day throughout the world.

Ron Papes, Inspiration for RonWear   
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