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Making a Difference in People's Lives


That’s how I am describing my new ‘suit’. I am currently undergoing a autologous stem cell transplant here in Atlanta Ga. I was sent one of your “Port-able” suits by one of my dear friends in Elyria, Ohio. I can’t believe the comfort of the material and the placement of the port-lets. I have a triple catheter on my left side that has been a real pain to access. NOT ANYMORE!! Thank you so much for your insight. Things now will be more comfortable and a lot more accessible!

      - Gary R. | Treatment Patient | Atlanta, GA

I have been a patient of I.V.I.G. therapy for almost 14 years. I go every 3 weeks and tote along with me a blanket to keep warm, as I find I am always freezing during treatment. Because of this wonderful idea you have come up with I no longer have to worry about having my sleeves rolled up and covering up with a sweatshirt over the top of me. I LOVE the fact that from here on out I will be able to stay warm and comfortable! It is so nice to just unzip my sleeve, have my IV started, zip it back up, and relax!

     - Sharon | Treatment Patient 

RonWear is a great expression sent from heaven help our patients during their treatments. The easy access zippered pants and jackets allow our patients to remain warm and comfortable during their treatment times in our centers. And the care and thought put into the jackets and pants for easy access to their treatment site is just what the doctor ordered. I look forward to the patients discovering just how exciting RonWear will be to meet their fashion needs.

      - Janet H., RN | Dialysis Facility Administrator

I stay warm and comfortable

...on the overnight dialysis shift. Except at dialysis, no one knows I’m wearing a special garment; the zippers stay hidden! When I show people how my RonWear jacket works, they do a double-take because they hadn’t thought it was anything other than a nice sweat jacket!

      - Evan C. | Dialysis Patient | North Olmsted, OH

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